30th of March 2011

Sanitas Weekly Web Summary for March 30, 2011

Sanitas International offers a weekly summary of influential and informative media articles from around the world regarding strategic communications, crisis management, digital media and political affairs.  Particular interest is given to articles discussing topics in developing countries and emerging markets.

This week, riots in Syria and Yemen, civil war and continued NATO Coalition bombings in Libya, and fear of nuclear reactor meltdown and contamination in Japan continue to dominate prime time media coverage. Indeed, news about the divide between Republicans and Democrats in Congress on the budget, rising gas prices and the shaky political and economic situation in several European states continue to be shared stories in many outlets.  Questions about political next steps in Afric

This week’s summary highlights these and other developments around the world. As Sanitas constantly emphasizes, government and business cannot afford to ignore these growing and evolving challenges. Especially as these and others issues influence reputations, challenge operational decisions and affect overall revenues and influence. 

Strategic Communications:

Obama's Libya Speech Put the Best Possible Face on His Policy

Obama Lays Out Plan to Cut Reliance on Fuel Imports 

Crisis Communications and Reputation Management

Crisis management puts huge strains on firms, CEOs

Global Threats:

Japan Quake Stirs Unease About Global Supply Chain

IMF Says Global Economic Recovery Facing 'Considerable Risk'

7 Problems That Could Derail the Global Recovery


Kosovo president resigns, opens door to new crisis

Latest developments in Arab political unrest stretching from North Africa to Persian Gulf

US Budget Talks Stall Amid Charges as Shutdown Looms

Digital Media

How Businesses Can Survive a Product Recall Using Social Media

The 50 Most Successful Digital Media Companies in the United States

Amazon's new front in digital media war

Foreign Policy:

West willing to strike immunity deal with Gaddafi to end conflict      

Washington Post: 

Tea party unpopularity on the rise - The Fix - The Washington Post

President Obama to call for one-third cut to oil imports

In Ishinomaki, Japan, stories of survival and loss

 Wall Street Journal

Microsoft Co-Founder Hits Out at Gates

The Price of Taxing the Rich

Seawater Radiation Level Soars Near Plant

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